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Modifying Maneuvers

Errata / Index

The following are modifications that can be added to existing special maneuvers at an experience point cost equal to the maneuvers Power Point rating x 2. For each technique a number of maneuvers equal to the character's rating may be modified a number of times equal to the technique. Example: a character with a Kick technique of 3 could modify 3 kick maneuvers and each one may receive up to 3 modifications each. Basic maneuvers cannot be modified.

The easiest way to keep track of these modifications is to think of each maneuver as having a number of mod slots. Enhancements consume these slots while detrimental effects free them. The number of filled positive enhancements still cannot exceed the technique for that maneuver. In addition the move cannot have an amount of negative slots filled greater than their technique rating.

So, for example a fighter with a Focus of 4 decides to modify Fireball. They have 4 slots to work with (Focus of 4) and decide to add +2 damage and +2 speed filling their slots. Then the character decides to take Verbal as a restriction that has -1 mod reducing their total "used" slots to 3. Another positive modification could be made bringing the maneuver back up to 4 positive slots as long as it had a cost of +1 mod. Three additional limitation slots could be added to the maneuver taking that rating to -4.

If two modifications would have a neutralizing effect on each other the second modification cannot be taken at all - even if it only partially negates the first one.

Entries are arranged in two sets, each in alphabetical order with first ordering preference given to the first maneuver listed in the "Affect" column (if any). First are generic mods that can be applied to any manuever or a wide range of them. The second set of the table is for maneuver-specific modifications.

Air Grab see description +3 mods Air Grab is a modification that can be added to any number of Grab techniques, paying the modification cost for each one, as long as those techniques can be reasonably performed as a maneuver that smashes the opponent to the ground from overhead. The fighter may then attempt a contest of Dexterity + Grab versus their opponent's Dexterity + Technique when attacked from a jump during a round that they have such a modified Grab maneuver selected and are still waiting to act. If successful the fighter interrupts their aerial foe with the grab as soon as the foe enters their hex before damage can be dealt.


+1 damage

+1 mod

damage increases by 1



+1 mod

The maneuverís start is deliberately designed to throw off opponents. Insight and Style Lore rolls are both at +1 difficulty with this maneuver.

Improved Knockback multiple maneuvers (see desc.) +1 mod This is a generic modification for maneuvers that generate knockback but do not have a specific mod that alters said knockback. It does not stack with other knockback mods. Each enhancement improves the knockback effect by 1 hex.

Increase Area of Effect

Area of Effect maneuvers (the maneuver must specify it is an AE)

+2 mods

This extends the blast radius of area of affect maneuvers by 1 degree.† So if it had an AE limited to one hex it would affect that hex + all six adjacent hexes.† If it was originally 7 hexes like above then the affect splashes out into every adjacent hex in a ring.

When rolling for damage in the extended range lose three damage dice.† This is cumulative.

Increase Duration

Passive only

+1 mod

This only functions for passive maneuvers that have a duration longer than one round.† Each mod extends the duration by an additional round.



+2 mods

The maneuver causes knockdown.

Life Burning Any -1 mod Each time the maneuver is used the fighter takes 2 points of unsoakable, unpreventable damage. Multiple ranks of Life Burning may be purchased. Any maneuver with 3 or more ranks of this modification deals its Life Burn damage as Aggravated.


+1 movement

+1 mod

movement increases by 1 (maneuvers with fixed movement cannot take this modification)

Range Limitation

Focus only

-2 mods

This can only be applied to Focus maneuvers that have a range greater than touch.† The range becomes touch.† To execute the maneuver against an opponent in combat requires a successful punch attack. If used with Fingertip Attack the fighter still must roll damage to connect for this ability to fire.


+1 Glory

+1 mod

Each use of the maneuver gives the fighter 1 Glory.



-1 mod

The maneuver must be proceeded by a verbal or visual cue and be executed within 3 rounds or the fighter loses 1 honor and 3 glory. Cannot be combined with Tell-Tale. Max of one rank of this modification per maneuver.


+1 speed

+1 mod

 speed increases by 1



-1 mod

There is no concealing this maneuver from opponents.† At the beginning of the round everyone knows what you are doing. Cannot be combined with Signature. Max of one rank of this modification per maneuver.



-1 mod

The maneuver requires a verbal component to use.† If the fighter were gagged or otherwise silenced they could not use it.

Extended Barrier Absorbing Barrier, Barrier, Reflecting Barrier +3 mods This increases the bubble protected by these barrier maneuvers by one hex in every direction. Using this modification consumes an additional point of Chi. Area of effect maneuvers that deal damage make a damage test for every hex they overlap the barrier.
Aerial Blast Air Blast +1 mod Air Blast with this mod may be used just like a Flying Fireball to hit an aerial opponent.
Smothering Wind Air Blast, Push +2 mods The elemental can choose to pay an additional Chi to make the blast cause knockdown which can only be prevented by San He and Elemental Skin: Earth.
Swift Wind Air Blast, Push, Tornado Blitz +2 mods Each modification increases the base difficulty to dodge the wind attack by 1.
Teleport Combo Ashura Warp, Elemental Stride, Psycho Warp, Teleport Slide, Yoga Teleport +3 mods A teleport maneuver with this modification allows the fighter to remain phased out and invisible as long as they are using the teleport as part of a combo. They reappear when the next attack of that combo begins.
Paralyzing Strike Atemi Strike +2 mods If the damage from the Atemi Strike is not completely soaked the opponent suffers a -2 speed penalty on their next action because of pain and numbness.
Improved Roll Back Roll Throw +2 mods When using Back Roll Throw the fighter tumbles back, still holding their foe, for two full hexes in a straight line then executes the throw. This increases the Breakfall difficulty to 7 as the opponent is disoriented from tumbling so much.

Increase Range

Chi Kung Healing

+1 mod

This mod is specific to Chi Kung Healing.† It extends the range from touch to line of sight.

Enhanced Healing Chi Kung Healing, Heal, Last Blessing, Leech, Promised Renewal, Regeneration +2 mods The listed maneuvers restore an additional level of health per mod on top of what they would otherwise heal. This effect stacks with the healing mod on Elemental Skin: Light.
Blending of Life Companion Fusion +2 mods When Companion Fusion is used the fighter can delay reappearing for one round per mod to recover health equal to their Stamina.
Blending of Soul Companion Fusion +2 mods When Companion Fusion is used the fighter can delay reappearing for one round per mod to recover points equal to Focus that are divided as the fighter wishes between Chi and Willpower.
Extended Fusion Companion Fusion +1 mod Each mod increases the duration of this maneuver by two rounds. This does not stack with Increase Duration. The cooldown timer increases by two rounds per mod (as duration and cooldown are explicitly linked to one another).
Cryokinetic Mastery Cryokinesis +4 mods This modification is paid for on Cryokinesis but only affects other ice-elemental direct damage abilities. Each mod adds an extra +1 to damage for those abilities.
Enhanced Dissipation Dissipate +2 mods When using Dissipate to defend against a Chi-based attack the defender may spend an additional Chi to Roll Intelligence + Focus for additional damage negation.
Stance of Harmony Dissipate + Energy Reflection +3 mods This modification applies to both Dissipate and Energy Reflection at the time it is purchased. The fighter must have both maneuvers and enough slots for both to take this enhancement. When added the two maneuvers came be used in the same round and stack with each other. Which order the effects function in must be defined at the time this modification is purchased.
Stance of the Wall Dissipate + San He +3 mods This modification applies to both San He and Dissipate at the time it is purchased. The fighter must have both maneuvers and enough slots for both to take this enhancement. When added the two maneuvers came be used in the same round and stack with each other.
Enhanced Dodge Dodge + Drunken Monkey Roll + 2 mods This modification requires both of the listed techniques but is only paid for on Dodge. When used as a successful escape (i.e. was fast enough to Dodge) the fighter can drop into a Drunken Monkey Roll to negate the speed penalty on the next round. On the following round the fighter still cannot use aerial maneuvers.
Slippery Monkey Dodge (Enhanced Dodge) + Drunken Monkey Roll + 2 mods This modification to Drunken Monkey Roll can be purchased after Enhanced Dodge for Dodge. When using Dodge to evade an attack if the fighter suffers no damage they may roll up to half of Drunken Monkey Roll's movement rounded down. On the following round the fighter still cannot use aerial maneuvers.
Scorching Dragon Dragon Kick +3 mods Dragon Kick with this modification hits everyone adjacent to the fighter with the initial kick then continues up into the air.
The Dragon is Eternal Dragon's Stance +6 mods This potent enhancement of Dragon Stance requires complete mastery of the maneuver. It removes the Willpower per round cost. The maneuver ends when the user wishes it to or is knocked unconscious.
Enhanced Guardian Elemental Guardian +2 mods Each modification of Enhanced Guardian increases the minion's base health by 3 points.
Guardian Force Elemental Guardian +2 mods Each modification of Guardian Force requires the purchasing fighter to choose one of their Techniques. When creating an Elemental Guardian the minion gets dots in that Technique equal to their creator's -1.
Minion Mastery Elemental Guardian +2 mods Each time Minion Mastery is purchased the fighter chooses one of their mental attributes. In combat the minion uses that full attribute when applicable - the minion is still immune to all mind-altering effects as it has no mind of it's own.
Bonds of Flame/Frost/Thunder Elemental Skin +4 mods

This modification is for Elemental Skin. Each character may only purchase this mod once. Choose when purchased what type you want. The character's elemental affinity is not an impediment as long as a reasonable explanation is given. The added benefit listed below becomes automatic for Elemental Skin.

Bonds of Flame reduces fire-based damage by 3. Bonds of Frost does the same for cold-based damage and Bonds of Thunder for electricity-based damage.

Renewal of Flesh Elemental Skin +2 mods By paying 1 Chi the fighter can refresh the duration of their Elemental Skin. This requires a full action using Elemental Skin's speed.
Hastened Renewal of Flesh Elemental Skin (Renewal of Flesh) +2 mods This modification requires the fighter to first purchase Renewal of Flesh. After taking this enhancement refreshing the duration of Elemental Skin can be done by paying 1 Chi as a free action.
Femina Synthesis Femina Wind +3 mods This allows Femina Wind to be used with any aerial maneuver that has a jump followed by a damage portion. The fighter can change directions in mid-air at any time. It does not work with maneuvers where the maneuver's damage rating comes from movement: Psycho Crusher, Dragon Punch, Tiger Knee, etc.
Super Gliding Flight, Levitation +2 mods The base movement possible in combat each round with these maneuvers is increased to Focus + Stamina. In addition, Levitation's duration outside of combat increases to 1 Chi per hour. This modifer may be combined with Increase Duration to extend the life of both maneuvers in combat.
Thunderous Roar Force Shout, Stunning Shout, The Lion's Roar +1 mod Each modification for the listed techniques increases the effective blast radius for the maneuver by one hex. Everyone occupying the affected hexes suffers the Shout's force.
Purifying Aua Heal +2 mods This extension of the normal Heal power is only applicable to the Water, Wood, Air, Earth and Light varities. When activated the power may be used to remove harmful contaminents from objects around the elemental through chemical alteration. Thus poison in a wine glass could be transmuted into a harmless liquid. For extremely difficult to transmutate substances - say Uranium - the elemental must roll Intelligence + Focus.
Demon Dash Hundred Demon Somersault + Wind Dash +2 mods This modification requires both Hundred Demon Somersault and Wind Dash. Both maneuvers must have slots for it. The two maneuvers may be used in conjunction with one another. Using Wind Dash in this way consumes 1 Chi instead of Willpower.
Inza Spring Inza Drop +3 mods This customization of Inza Drop removes the requirement of a Wall Spring at the cost of losing the second movement phase. The fighter jumps towards their opponent, grabs them, tumbles, then suplexes their foe. Using this version of Inza Drop is optional and uses the same stats as the base maneuver from which it is derived.
Steel Will Iron Will +3 mods When rolling to negate a dizzy the fighter may add dice equal to their permanent Willpower.
Wary Eyes Kick Defense, Punch Defense +1 mod Each mod of Wary Eyes adds +1 to these technique's soak totals against the maneuvers they were designed to defend against. Punch Defense gets an additional +1 versus punches and Kick Defense gets +1 versus kicks.
Escape Artist Mekon Delta Escape +1 mod Each modification increases the maximum speed allowance for using Mekon Delta Escape as a primary abort maneuver by 1. (base thus becomes Dexterity + Athletics + # of mods)
Refined Escape Mekon Delta Escape +2 mods Each modification rank increases the speed at which Mekon Delta Escape fires as a primary abort maneuver by 1. It's abort speed thusly becomes the speed of the maneuver that was aborted out of +1 + an additional 1 per mod.
Intense Rage Overdrive +3 mods This modification increases the damage threshold for Overdrive to 3 health per success on the Focus roll.
Forceful Blow Palm Strike, Vortex Palm +2 mods The knockback on these two maneuvers is increased by two hexes per mod. If Palm Strike is used to break a sustained hold it gains one hex of knockback in addition to the break.
Psychokinetic Mastery Psychokinetic Channeling +4 mods Psychokinetic Channeling may be used with any non-Focus damage maneuver.
Pyrokinetic Mastery Pyrokinesis +4 mods This modification is paid for on Pyrokinesis but only affects other fire-elemental direct damage abilities. Each mod adds an extra +1 to damage for those abilities.
Violent Storm Raging Storm +2 mods The blast effect of Raging Storm extends to every adjacent hex damaging everyone there twice using the maneuver's +2 and +0 modifiers and knocking anyone damaged back two hexes. This does not cause knockdown, only knockback.
Shattering Barrier Reflecting Barrier +4 mods When the barrier hits a physical object it shatters into thousands of tiny fragments like glass that scatter outward inflicting Intelligence + Focus -3 damage on anyone in an adjacent hex.
Fading Defense Shinku-Geki and Shinkyaku-Geki +2 mods After the movement portion of these maneuvers is triggered the fighter can fall into a basic Block at any time by sacrificing their counter.
Aerial Smash Shoulder Smash +2 mods This allows Shoulder Smash to be performed from a basic Jump against an opponent on the ground. Movement after hitting the opponent is limited to two hexes which must be a straight line.
Aerial Step Smoke Step +2 mods While moving the character is considered aerial. The line of chi extends from their feet all the way to the ground.
Extended Souls Soul Bond +2 mods The effective range bondees can be from the bonder before the effect ends increases by 50 feet per mod.
Guard Shadow Split Shadow +4 mods When struck while Split Shadow is activated the fighter may roll Wits + Mysteries. If they get equal to or more successes then damaged received that damage is transfered to one of their active shadows instead destroying it instantly and allowing Split Shadow to continue functioning. Each shadow lost in this way reduces the maneuver's duration by an additional round.
Force of Will Toughskin +3 mods When using Toughskin the fighter increases their soak total by their Focus.
Regenerating Wall Wall +1 mod By paying 1 Chi the fighter can restore all lost health levels to an active Wall as a free action once per round.
Rolling Wall

Wall (water version only)

+3 mods This modification to Wall only functions with the water elemental version. The wall appears in front of the fighter who may continue to move and the wall will roll forward to stay in front of them. Anyone attempting to move through the wall will be knocked back two hexes along with suffering damage listed under the Wall maneuver unless they can overcome the wall's health.
Wall Mastery Wallclimbing +3 mods Using aerial maneuvers from the wall does not impose a speed penalty.
Wall Running Wallclimbing +2 mods The fighter may run on walls as if they were on the ground. Beginning or ending the round on the wall requires a Wallclimbing check to keep from falling.